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U2 gives it all but fans want more

“Set me alight — we’ll punch a hole right through the night!” sang U2 frontman Bono on The Joshua Tree’s evocatively cinematic tune, In God’s Country, at Rogers Centre Friday night. And so the Irish band did. Actually, what really happened was ... Read Full Article

U2's Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary Tour

If you didn’t get a chance to see U2 at their remaining Canadian stop in Toronto at the Rogers Centre Friday night, there’s still a chance to get in the car, cross the border and catch them on Sept. 3 and 5 in Detroit (Ford Field) and Buffalo, NY (New ... Read Full Article

Bill Cosby to hold townhalls on sex assault

His sexual assault case ended with a deadlocked jury and mistrial. Andrew Wyatt and Ebonee Benson, while in an interview on "Good Morning Alabama" also shared that "Cosby Show" star wants to talk to younger people now about this issue. Cosby "having a town ... Read Full Article

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How NATO is getting serious about Russia

The 2001 Lithuanian general census found the population of Stašėnai, a dot-on-the-map village whose existence is barely perceptible amid flat and verdant farmland northwest of Vilnius, to be 66 souls. By the next census, a decade later, the figure had ... Read Full Article

Pokemon GO ramps up for its second summer

In an effort to keep Pokémon GO‘s sizable 65 million worldwide player base on board—and find new recruits who didn’t get hooked last summer—developer Niantic and The Pokémon Company have unleashed a raft of new updates for their groundbreaking AR ... Read Full Article

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You can become wealthy working for someone else

Most people have daydreams about getting rich, but your employer likely isn’t in any of them. However, not all millionaires acquired their wealth through the lottery or a brilliant business idea, as we usually imagine. It is possible to become wealthy ... Read Full Article

Mississauga set to build boxed soccer pitch

The pitch is part of the city's ongoing efforts to bring recreational spaces to its dense urban centre. Councillor John Kovac stands next to a boxed soccer pitch the City of Mississauga piloted. (Courtesy the City of Mississauga) Councillor John ... Read Full Article

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Why I now support abolishing the Senate

The Upper House of Canada’s Parliament no longer serves a useful purpose. It’s time to get rid of the 105 members who are appointed till age 75 but some act like they are toddlers. It’s time to get rid of the red chamber that is supposed to create ... Read Full Article

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Hamonic's contract is value in today's NHL

CHICAGO - What the Maple Leafs learned on Saturday afternoon: James vanRiemsdyk may not be the trade chip they believed him to be. Lou Lamoriello was taking a run at Travis Hamonic, the rather affordable yet certainly expensive right-handed shooting ... Read Full Article

Los Angeles Kings prospect raised by 2 moms

CHICAGO — Moments after Jaret Anderson-Dolan was drafted by the Los Angeles Kings, he hugged his mothers Fran and Nancy. They cried a few tears as Anderson-Dolan made his way to the floor of the United Center for handshakes and congratulations from his ... Read Full Article

Curry and Durant want Warriors stay

But Steph Curry knows what he wants to say. "Kevin needs to go upstairs to meet with Bob [Myers]." The Warriors have bigger aspirations than that. I thought we played well, got better each game, but against good teams you can't give away games like Game 3 ... Read Full Article